Be healthy and slim with body flex

Now, making the final exercises of the daily warm-up, I thought that I wanted to share with you this complex, which helps to recuperate, gives the body oxygen, and therefore energy, and helps maintain physical fitness. And I'm talking about body flex .
I have been working on this system from 12 years with different frequency. You know how it is. First, you go on schedule, then you start to miss. But nevertheless, I come back to these exercises over and over again, because I know that I will spend only 10-15 minutes a day and then I can easily stretch and feel better. I first learned about body flex from a book that my mother advised, “Be a Loser!: Lose Inches Fast--No Diet ” by Childers Greer. The book is small, you can read it in a couple of hours. What do I like about this set of exercises? Now I just started to do the exercises again, so I can not boast of the results. But since I have done it several times already, I can say that body flex helps to reduce the volume of the hips b…
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